Red Mountain campus Farmers Market

Photo from Red Mountain Farmers Market Facebook page. Crizelle Reyes/Mesa Legend


The route to obtaining fresh produce and delicious food is right around the corner.

Mesa Community College (MCC) at Red Mountain (Mt.) campus offers a local farmers market, featuring food trucks and vendors, beginning Oct. 27 and running every Saturday until the end of May, located in the Acacia Village parking lot on Power Rd.

The need for healthy dieting could benefit college students and anyone in the east valley.

Arizona is not unfamiliar to providing people with fresh options directly from farmers. Danzeisen is a local dairy farm whose milk varieties can be found in grocery stores.

East Mesa has been left out of the farmers market neighborhood for years, until former MCC student and known farmers market vendor, Ryan Alarie, rose from the ground up to reward low income families and students with a meaningful experience.

“Growing up out in that community, there’s not anywhere where you can buy local products like that,” Alarie said. “So, the way I eat, live my lifestyle and my family lives out there I just thought that the east valley would benefit from that tremendously.”

This opportunity benefits the entire east valley community and vendors are getting a chance to shine by selling their products. For example, Fluffy Vegans provides specialty vegan cheeses and Alarie’s seasonings are also all vegan.

About 18 vendors are contributing to locals of Mesa, Arizona. From prepared foods and beverages to fresh clean produce, learning to shop healthy is right around the corner.

“After working at all the farmers markets and see how poorly they are ran… I think I can offer a much better experience for customers and others around the valley,” Alarie said.

EBT cards and food stamps are accepted at the Red Mt. Farmers Market. Alarie’s goal is to provide everyone in the valley with a comfortable and successful experience.

Alarie’s background is in marketing and business. As the curator for Red Mt. Farmers Market, he has dedicated time to make sure this event is beneficial for all. He cares about his community and wants to spread the love of healthy dieting.

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