Smash Bros. club seeks an advisor

The unofficial club meets in the student center multiple times a week. Photo: Brock Blasdell / MesaCC Legend

A new club dedicated to the Nintendo Switch game Super Smash Brothers, but are having difficulty finding an advisor to sponsor them. Without one, the many unofficial members of the club won’t be recognized by the school.

“Each and every one of us have been asking our own teachers, but that’s not working for us, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.” Hervy Marquez, founder of the club, stated, “I started emailing random people, the equivalent of grabbing a phone book and just dialing.”

The student center has hosted unofficial video game gatherings for years now, but the Smash Brothers club was unofficially formed when Marquez purchased an on-sale Switch and started the online group in January.

It started off as a bit of a selfish thing. I just wanted to make friends really. I thought this might be a good thing to start off with.” Marquez said, “So far, I like to say that it’s worked.”

In February, he began work on the club’s constitution, a written document used to enforce their rules and regulations and standards. That document stated the forming club to have two distinct purposes.
The first, “To encourage fair play and competition with Mesa Community College…while also helping develop and maintain a competitive spirit.” The second, “To facilitate the students in helping find others with similar interests to our organization or give them the tools to learn about them.”


Now in March, him and other member continue the search for a school employee to advise the club. If an employee does decide to support them, then the club would become official and the possibility of official video game meetups at MCC would become reality.

While Marquez stated he didn’t have a problem with the club competing in competitions, for now he’s just focusing on getting it started. Besides, there are plenty of people willing to walk up and play the game.
Surrounded by other members, student Nicholas Bristow smiled when asked about the competition


“This is easily one of the most competitive games,” Bristow said. “There’s one person whose twice as… he’s so much better than me, but you just get used to it.” Bristow said laughing.
If interested in joining the MCC Smash Bro’s club or just learning more about the progress of the club, walk down to the student center and take part in the daily matches.

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