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Sorry to bother you, America

Tessa Thompson and Lakeith Stanfield in "Sorry to Bother You" . Photo credit to Annapurna Pictures

A science fiction film titled “Sorry To Bother You” is one of my favorite movies of this time period and here’s why:

This film aired on January 20th, 2018 and I knew I had to see the movie after realizing the trailer was so unique compared to anything i’ve seen before.

A special character, Cassius Green plays as an african american who lives in his uncle’s garage. Upon the woes of struggling to find a good paying job, he stumbles onto a telemarketer agency called Worry Free.

The interesting part about this boring concept and job is that the director literally gave this african american role a caucasian voice over when he is taking calls. Why is that interesting?

Not only that but while he took the calls he literally showed up in his callers homes while following the script which was a creative idea because Boots Riley, the director could have easily shot those scenes at the cubicles.

In order for Cassius to make money and become successful he has to put on “caucasian voice”  He is pretending to be worry free and privileged, hence the name of the agency.

Later on in the film his artsy girlfriend even takes on the role of a successful persona but her voice is british.

We are all pretending to be someone we are not no matter the cause or reason.

They’re all accommodating to the norms of America just to keep a roof over their heads, it’s the same reason why hispanics wipe out their culture to adhere to nature of the United States.

If you’ve ever had to interview for a job you know that your voice and diction change depending on who you’re trying to impress.

During the film Cassius realizes that the company is corrupt, go figure. His intentions were pure but he began to play both sides of the spectrum once he was eligible for promotion,

So in a lot ways cassius does mean well even though he starts to fill himself up with greed towards the climax of the film. He still wants to fight the fight but he also wants to not live in his uncle’s garage anymore because who would want that for the rest of their lives? Not me.

While his friend protest against the agency and labels him a sell out for choosing corporate oppression over justice.

Everything is about politics, you can’t escape corporate no matter how much you try to appeal to the social justice warriors of the world, if your bills aren’t getting paid and you’re practically homeless it is really difficult to not give in to these types of companies.

Cassius is captured by success and greed the same way people of power in America become consumed with greed. It comes to the point that money is above all things including the lives of others.

The CEO of Worry Free agency tries to trick Cassius into literally becoming his guinea pig.

He wants Cassius to be apart of his experiment to rebuild the idea of labor work by turning him into a horse.

Unbelievable. A motion picture of slave trade in the modern age. Of course that is the exact moment that Cassius realizes the fine line between an average blue collar and a sell out was crossed.

You don’t have to be on the battlegrounds to fight for what you believe in because at the end of the day every person on this earth is contributing to the society we live in. We all have our personas. We are all Cassius.


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