Speaker highlights MCC’s Women’s History Month

Veronica Sanchez

In honor of Women’s History Month, MCC welcomed a distinguished guest to campus.Judy Chicago, a feminist, educator, author and artist born in 1939, became a pioneer of Feminist Art and Art Education in the early 70s through a unique program for women at California State University.

Chicago is most famous for her monumental multimedia project “The Dinner Party” which is presented as a massive ceremonial banquet in a triangular table with 39 place settings, each one representing an important woman in history.

At every place setting there is a porcelain china pained plate representing an image based on a butterfly symbolizing a woman.

The project also includes white floors of triangular porcelain tiles inscribed with the names of 999 other notable women.

It was created between 1974-1979 and has been permanently housed at the Brooklyn Museum in New York City, where more than 1 million viewers have seen it.

In honor of Women’s History month, MCC invited Chicago to a conference last Thursday where she explained and answered questions about her project “The Dinner Party.”

“I wanted to challenge women to own their achievements and introduce them into society.

“I did this through a work of art that symbolizes our heritage so those achievements can never be erased from history again,” she said.

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