Student outraged by out of control ‘Octomom’

Courtney Packer

On Jan. 26, Nadya Suleman gave birth to octuplets, making them the second known set of octuplets in the United States. She had six children before to the birth, all under the age of 8. She is single, unemployed and living in her mom’s three bedroom house.

To pay for the fertility treatments, she used food stamp money and Social Security disability payments

Shouldn’t the fertility center check each patient before implanting the eggs to make sure they can afford to care for the babies?

Do they just take anybody these days and hope it works for the best?

The doctor also implanted more than the suggested number of fertilized eggs into Suleman, all of which took.

She was baby-hungry and decided to keep them without thinking of the consequences. There are certain procedures that the center failed to meet that could have prevented this from happening.

She is also using her children for profit. She has been selling pictures of them and is requesting money to do interviews.

For the most part, her attorney and other spokespersons have appeared in her place.

However, Oprah has offered $2 million to have the grandmother, who has spoken out against her daughter’s actions on her show.

I guess that is one way to pay for her family’s expenses. She is also getting a lot of support from large companies and even has a Web site where people can donate.

Some of the burden of the cost may fall upon California’s taxpayers.

People should not be forced to pay for another’s poor decisions. She made the choice and it is her fault she is not able to support her family. The taxpayers should not have to suffer.

How are the kids going to be raised?

There is no father figure in their lives, the grandma is threatening to leave them and the mother is unemployed.

What ethics are these kids going to learn? Sit back and relax, everything will be done for you?

Suleman is now being offered one million dollars to star in an adult entertainment movie. Is that the type of role she wants her kids to see her in or maybe she really is that desperate for money?

Suleman made a selfish decision by choosing to follow through with an unnecessary procedure.

It is great she decided to give birth to them, but let them be raised by a loving family where they can have a normal life.

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