Student video contest boasts prizes from $200 to $500

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Student video contest boasts prizes from $200 to $500

Leslie Philp

This spring semester, Mesa Community College is offering a fun and rewarding way for students to win $500 cash by entering the MCC Student Video Contest. “The student video contest is a chance for students to win $500 by producing and posting a video about how their experience at MCC has positively impacted their lives,” said media relations director Delynn Bodine.

“The concept came from one of our art faculty members Gingher Leyendecker,” she said.

Any student enrolled at the Southern and Dobson Campus or Red Mountain Campus of MCC, including international and online students, can enter the contest.

“Gingher Leyendecker (noted) that critics of community colleges call them drop-out factories without acknowledging the contributions community colleges make to the communities and individuals that they serve,” Bodine said of her colleague Leyendecker on how much of an affect community colleges have on the average person.

Bodine also said that student-produced videos have more potential to spread through social channels and websites to get the word out about MCC.

“The contest runs from April 1 (to) May 1. Students are encouraged to involve their friends, be creative and have fun,” said Bodine on contest dates. “The winners are selected based on (the) total number of YouTube hits.”

The winner of the contest is awarded $500, second place winner receives $300, and third place receives $200.

The prize money was donated by MCC faculty and staff.

For more information on contest guidelines and how to enter, visit

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