Students donate jackets to needy

By: Joshua Bowling

An MCC student from the Navajo Nation decided to hold a winter jacket drive in the Fall semester of 2013 after MCC’s regularly-scheduled jacket drive.

Marlinda Haudley, the student who popularized these drives in the fall of 2013, has since transferred to ASU.

In September of 2013, Haudley presented the idea for a second winter jacket drive to faculty at MCC.

By Oct. 11, they had finished collecting their donations, which Haudley proceeded to distribute to those in need at the Navajo Nation in Northeastern Arizona.

Niccole Cerveny – a geography professor at MCC – united with Student Life & Leadership in order to supply jackets for this drive according to MCC’s website.

All in all, Haudley received 284 winter items.

The American Indian Institute at MCC is collecting donations for the 2014 winter jacket drive. Donations will be accepted up until Oct. 3, at 5 p.m.

Samuel Stevens, the program advisor for the American Indian Institute at MCC said that many MCC students live on the Navajo reservation, making this a great opportunity for charity on campus.

Their office is in Building AD42 at MCC’s Southern and Dobson campus.

Jassim Al-Jaidah, a student at MCC, said he had not heard of the jacket drive, but will be donating this year.

Though Hadley no longer attends MCC, the school will seek to continue in the charitable spirit which she established.

MCC and the American Indian Institute will be looking to take in even more donations this year.

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