Students oblivious to hidden class fees

Chase Johnson

Do you hate finding out you got scammed on a deal because you failed to read the small print? How about paying fees that don’t have reasons but are just “required”?

This is what is happening at MCC and has been for some time now.

If a student is enrolled in a BPC or CIS class, that student is required to pay a $10 print card fee.

What’s interesting about this is that if a student decides to take one of these classes online and through MCC, he or she is still required to pay the $10 print card fee.

So why is that necessary if the class is online and all of its assignments are turned in online?

Yet the fee is still applicable; At Rio Salado College, which is an all online college, there is no printing fee simply because there is no need for one.

However, if a student actually is informed or discovers for themselves of the print card, that student actually only will have $7 on the card as opposed to $10. Where does the other $3 go?

The computer classes are not the only ones with this kind of fee including the mysterious $3 withdrawal.

Math classes also have a$3 fee. If a student is enrolled in a math class and goes and checks in the paid fees section online, they will find the mysterious $3 fee.

What’s interesting is that there is no explanation for it and it’s just there and that’s it.

The cause for concern is that all of these fees are mandatory to pay.

If you feel that you shouldn’t have to pay it because of its mysterious nature, then you will be flagged and will have a fee not paid slapped on you.

This means you will not be able to register for MCC classes the coming semester, you will not be allowed to send transcripts to ASU and you will not be permitted to do anything involving MCC until the fees are paid.

To keep identities safe, it’s felt to only include the department’s name.

When Registration was questioned about the fee, they said they didn’t know what it was for or why it was necessary to pay and that “it is just there.”

When Cashiers were asked about this they as well did not know the reason for the three dollar fee.

Whether it’s $3 or $10 it’s not a lot of money in the personal vision. However, how many students pay the $10 print card, actually seven because that is what is put on, for their computer class and did not realize they purchased this. Did you?

Therefore, if it is not used, MCC will pocket this money, there is no refund for the student.

Or how many of you realized you have paid a three dollar mysterious fee for your math class?

This is an issue that each student should be concerned about.

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