The BCS receives another ‘Dear John’ letter

Matt Wilhalme

Dear BCS,I’m writing to inform you that this letter will be my last.

It’s not that I don’t love you anymore but, I think we should end it now before one of us says or does something we’ll regret.

It’s not that I don’t find you exciting anymore but, I feel that without including a playoff system I can no longer trust your judgment in determining a national champion anymore.

I did enjoy many college football moments this year; there were moments of incredible athleticism, last second field goals to win games, and even a referee who took out a quarterback mid-play.

This season was great. You named another champion, who may or may not, be the best in the country, based on your convoluted method of determining a champion through voting based on strength of schedule and other factors.

I get it. I get it. Florida is a great football team and they deserve credit for the way Tim Tebow and the rest of the program has performed.

How can they have an automatic advancement to the title without taking on a series of opponents playing to avoid elimination?

Eliminating teams in a playoff system would only build drama and increase the possibility of an upset to shock the nation, just take a look at what March Madness does for college basketball.

It just seems wrong calling a team the national champion when they have lost a game over the course of the season when there are teams that remain undefeated throughout the season even after bowl play, Utah anyone?

I’m not saying I personally believe that Utah could really take on a program like Florida or Oklahoma for that matter, but they should have been given the opportunity.

Even President Barack Obama thinks the system is broken and begging for change.

He is the voice of change, and an avid sports enthusiast, so he understands the frustration in letting a bunch of coaches place votes on team performance rather than letting the teams have it out on the field.

However, I don’t think you should let congress attempt to bail you out though either.

By the time they finished arguing their possibilities you would be the one with a new debt of $10,623,354,811,269, that’s a current reading of the national debt clock.

Given congress’ inability to effectively bail out anyone without lining the pockets of executives I believe this would only corrupt the situation even more.

The definition of crazy is performing the same action over and over and expecting different results and that’s what it feels like your doing every year.

I’ll admit it though, watching bowl games with names I have never heard of every year does kind of give closure to a season that has no real winner.

In the end Team A will prevail over Team B and become the “Official Champion of the Corporate Sponsor random city Candy Bowl.”

So that way, at least the players on the team sort of feel like champions.

I do not know what you’re going to do but you have made a lot of people very angry and they want some answers.

Right now you’re completely under fire on all sides because of this issue, and I should be doing the right thing and supporting you through this tough time but, I cannot continue to support something I know is wrong.

If you insist on being stubborn there is really nothing anyone can do to convince you to change.

The ball is in your court, or field, and you need to decide whether or not it is worth it to you to fight the times and keep with your backwards thinking.

It’s time to move with the times and turn in that old radio and pick up a plasma screen TV and see the difference. It will blow your mind.

Keep in touch,

Matt Wilhalme

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