The little things are overlooked

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The little things are overlooked

Rene Gomez

In society today I take notice of people who have adopted the life of stress and hard work to obtain financial freedom and success.

What has happened to the people in our society who have forgotten the simple pleasures in life to create balance?

Society allowed advertising to create the lifestyle of commercialization, materialization, and the newest ingredient narcissism.

Often you can find people trying so hard to get the wants in their life that should make them happy, but simultaneously it slowly erodes the soul.

These wants have been programmed into the mind that they should be needs and it is unhealthy for the ultimate achievement; happiness.

At what cost is one willing to sacrifice what once made us happy for something that does not have a guaranteed return for the investment?

Take for example the innocence and simple joy a child experiences in life.

A child can experience delight with something like playing in the rain, or having a snowball fight.

An adult would view the rain as an inconvenience to their commute or the snowball fight as an assault by “some young punk.”

Now I am not saying that working hard is not something to take pride in, nor am I saying to go run outside for every rain storm.

My point is many people have lost that mindset that allowed you to enjoy the little things in life.

The next time you are at the local coffeehouse, on your way to class or work, sit down and enjoy that beverage and think about how it makes your day that much better.

If it is a hot day and that sudden breeze kicks in, remember the cooling comfort that you get from it to ease your mind.

These examples may sound like a na??ve way of thinking to the cynics who will choose to not understand the concept or even ridicule it.

Believe it or not even they can be convinced by just opening up to one thing they may have forgotten that makes them smile.

This opinion is not about criticism towards people who have lost this sensation, but more of a reminder that there is a way to be lighthearted again.

Ebenezer Scrooge concerned himself so much about money that he lost sight of what he enjoyed before inheriting the sole ownership of his business.

Fortunately for Scrooge his eyes were re-opened, he realized  that there was more to life than a narrow tunnel for his focus.

Fortunately for people in reality, this is not just fictional literature.

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