The Suns seek to escape proverbial league limbo

R. Nicholas Evans
Mesa Legend

It’s almost playoff season for our Phoenix Suns, meaning it’s time for ownership to decipher which draft picks look promising and what current players are becoming too expensive.  And thankfully as Suns’ fans we already know Sarver and Co. have a golden-track record in offering low-ball deals to fan favorites and signing bargain players in replacement. Most importantly, the Suns have the third best record in the league for the best pick in the upcoming draft, which has been a staple of owner / brainchild Robert Sarver – for over a decade.  To date, the results have Completely come through. The diehard Suns fans know, Losing is the new winning and winning means playing for the future.  As a single W could knock the Suns back a percentage point in an upcoming draft lottery. This is the day and age of Robert Sarver. And he clearly knows what he is doing. As exciting and marketable squads is a unsuccessful game plan.

Just look at past Phoenix Suns Owner Jerry Colangelo’s failures of creating league revered and champion contending teams, that including players like: Alvin Adams, Charles Barkley and Steve Nash, which were all impulsive athletes playing with passion and not for the future of an upcoming draft. The off-season metric system brainstormed by Saver is a much more profitable and under-appreciated philosophy, with an always promising top draft pick that the past, short-sighted owner Jerry Colangelo never really could envision. So, tune in for the Phoenix Suns last game of the season, when they face the Clippers on April 13th at Talking Stick Resort Arena, where they are currently playing for the future.  Will the team better their chances in the draft? As the suns are setting the example of future franchises everywhere. Don’t complain, most fans don’t understand the deep – rooted concept of the very bright future of the Phoenix Suns.

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