Tiger’s roar strongest among our generation

Aaron Dunton

There I was. The Accenture Match Play golf tournament held in Tucson last weekend. It was Stewart Cink against Tiger Woods (who else) for the tournament victory.

It was the par-4, seventh hole. Tiger drove his ball a mere 25 feet away from me.

Cink’s landed somewhat further away from me and the hole.

Cink had the honors and began his backswing.

At that time I looked around and noticed that everyone’s eyes were on Tiger Woods just standing there watching.

Cink was hitting the ball and nobody was watching. Literally nobody.

It was then that it hit me.

Tiger Woods really is the best thing to ever happen to golf. No athlete has had the impact on a sport like Tiger did that day.

I mean, look at this guy. He wins over 30 percent of the tournaments he enters, has won 12 majors, has an Esquire smile, and probably benches 250.

The guy could have been a model, but insisted he’d rather just marry one.

You’ll never see him in the criminal section of the newspaper, and he speaks three languages with ease. I’m having problems with one.

He was probably an Eagle Scout by the age of five. I was eating crayons at five.

I can only imagine the amount of church sermons he missed just so he could “have the backspin kick in after the third bounce.”

By the way, you can put backspin on a golf ball?

I think of it this way. I went out and shot a round of golf the other day. 96 was the score.

Tiger once hit a 96. When he was six!
The man drained a birdie on his 3rd birthday, not even kidding!

This is the guy that went face first in the water after his ball, fought the hungry alligator with bare hands…and won. He’s that guy.

I really tried to not like this guy. I told myself he was mean, cocky, and not good.

But then I saw him in person. He looked nicer than Mother Theresa and stronger than Lex Luger.

I can’t help it. I’m on the Tiger bandwagon.
Believe it or not, I grew up loving John Daly. Yes, John Daly. Sue me!

The point is, I know it doesn’t say a lot, but I came to realize that Tiger’s worst day is better than Daly’s best. I really do wish I was exaggerating this.

My advice is if your son or kid brother loves Tiger, let em. You can’t do any better. Trust me. Give up now.

When you can win the U.S. open by 16 strokes, walk on water, and own a sport like Tiger does, then we’ll talk.

My only wish is that they would allow Tiger to play for the entire U.S. Ryder Cup team. Nobody else, just him.

I’m pretty sure the ratings would be much higher anyway. Not to mention, we might actually beat the Europeans this way.

And I’m really not trying to float Tiger’s boat or call the guy a god (even though I’m starting to think he is).

I just want every sports fan to realize how fortunate we are to have an athlete this great for the sports world— in our era.

Babe Ruth is the face of baseball and Michael Jordan is the face of basketball.

And now, Tiger is the face of golf.

I never got to see Ruth or Jordan play live. But I can’t wait to tell future generations that I saw Tiger Woods in action.

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