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Nick Kosmider

I was as appalled as any by Maricopa County prosecutors’ blatant disregard for the Constitution when they unlawfully arrested New Times editors Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin last October over bogus subpoena charges.As an aspiring journalist it was disheartening and scary to think that the basic freedom of the press could be so flippantly thrown aside at the whim of a power-hungry County Attorney’s office.

In the weeks that followed the debacle, the Times did a bang-up job explaining the injustices they had suffered.

Sheriff Joe, County Attorney Andrew Thomas, and now former special prosecutor Dennis Wilenchik were on public trial where they stumbled over their words worse than a second grader at the school spelling bee.

The paper is now attempting to sue Arpaio, Thomas, and Wilenchik for their stomp on the Times and concurrently the U.S. Constitution and have the public firmly on their side.

So now I present a question to the New Times.

Isn’t it time to move on?

I don’t mean move on from the lawsuit, because these prosecutors need to be held accountable for what they’ve done, but can we get back to the quality investigative reporting that I and so many others read the newspaper for in the first place?

Practically every cover story the paper has presented since the October incident has been about the attacks they have suffered from Joe and the prosecutors.

I am not saying their claims are not justified, because again they have done an admirable job exposing the ills of the Sheriff and gang, but they are now depriving readers of informative, inspiring, and helpful stories they have been known for in the past.

New Times, continue to serve your post as a respectable watchdog, but maybe for now, let’s take a bite out of someone new.

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