Tips for a better bachelor pad

Jesse Mock

A pizza box on the coffee table, bean bag chairs in the living room, clothes all over the bedroom floor, and the ever-dreaded, no toilet paper in the bathroom. These are all things that women do not want to see when they come into a man’s apartment for the first time.

These apartments are affectionately known as “bachelor pads” and they are in every college town across America.

“I hate posters,” Meagan Quarterly said, a student at Arizona State University.

“I mean if this is someone I’m thinking about dating and I go over and there’s some naked Maxim girl on the wall, and then a ‘Rules of the Perfect Beer Pong Game’ on the other, it probably isn’t going to work out.”

Quarterly also has a sore spot for what some guys think of as a living room set.

“A couch with two bean bag chairs next to it is not o.k. for a living room set,” she said.

Amber Guillikson, 24, a sophomore at MCC, has also seen her share of less-than-appetizing bachelor pad living rooms.

“When I go into a guy’s house for the first time, if I see stains all over the living room carpet it just makes me feel like he is not a clean person.”

Guillikson understands that sometimes people spill drinks or food on the carpet but, also expects that the spill to be cleaned properly.

Guillikson believes that sometimes men need to get their priorities straight when decorating their living rooms.

“You walk into their living room and they have a huge TV and every video game out, but they are sitting on the floor because they spent all their money on electronics and nothing on furniture.”

A trip to the college student’s haven for cheap furniture, IKEA, can help men decorate their apartment in a non-tacky way and still have some money left over for essentials, like a HDTV.

Quarterly explained that she has been turned off in the past by these bachelor pad bedrooms.

Guys, listen up: a messy bedroom can mean an early night for your girl.

The one room in a bachelor pad that women fear the most is the bathroom.

The toilet seat is always up, it’s dirty, and there is never any toilet paper when they need it.

The lack of items needed for a sanitary visit to the bathroom is what upset Guillikson the most about bathrooms at guy’s houses.

“If they have toilet paper then they don’t have hand soap, if they have hand soap they don’t have a towel, if they have hand soap and a towel, they do not have toilet paper.” she said.

“They need to realize all three are essential to a girl and have all three.”
If a girl feels like she has to hover over the toilet seat to stay sanitary, it is not clean enough.

It doesn’t take that long to clean a bathroom; do it more often, it’s that simple.

IKEA cannot help guys in this department, but any local grocery store can.

Hand soap and towels are usually under $10 together and toilet paper can be bought in packs of 100 at Costco so you won’t have to shop as often for it.

Cleanliness and responsible decorating across the whole apartment will make a woman stay around longer and get to know the guy more.

“Basically if a guy’s place is clean and decently neat and decorated like an adult lives there, then we probably won’t be running out the door,” Quarterly said.

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