Tolerance of intolerance, promotes tolerance

Brandon Meri
Mesa Legend

Recently there have been a lot of movement for equality and fairness in the work environment, and in our society as a whole.  And overall there has been great progression in our society, but something must still be addressed. Being a Catholic, or a Muslim, or atheist is not a bad thing.
Having a different view or lifestyle isn’t a bad thing. And the biggest issue we should address is the fact that is not wrong to not want to support gay marriage. Being a Catholic myself, I see marriage in a different way, but I still do support gay marriage, not because I am betraying my religion, but because I believe that anyone has the right to be happy.

I fought for two people to be happy, and if marriage made them happy I am fine with it, but not everyone has to be. Not supporting something doesn’t mean that you are a bad person. Just like vegans, you are able to get along with them and you can still eat whatever you want, that’s called being a part of a community. If the vegan went around harassing people for not being vegan and saying everyone else who isn’t vegan is evil, we as a society would be agitated with the vegan. But people are able to live and work alongside vegans. The same concept comes to people of religion, we are taught that marriage is between a man and a woman, but that doesn’t mean that every single religious person on the planet is attacking homosexual people.

We should accept people who are religious and let them have their way of life. Christians and Catholics and any religion in the world are entitled to live the life that they want to live, and if that means not to be gay, then no religious person will have a gay marriage. They should not be attacked for having this view of life if they aren’t trying to impose it on others. I am not talking about people who actively attack and try and get rid of gay marriage, this is for people all over the world who are minding their own business and now can’t express themselves on the sole reason that they will now be shunned for not supporting every way of life.

Religious people aren’t all of a sudden bad people just because gay marriage is accepted within society. We are still more than happy to do business and be friends and have drinks together, but we can live the life we want and we have that right to be happy with our life choices.

Mesa Legend

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