Traveling tips for cheapskates

Ryan Abril

People are always on the go these days, with school, work and trying to ?have a social life they never seem to take time for themselves, and in today’s economy, who could? The days of long, relaxing summer vacations are gone.

It’s almost impossible to enjoy one without breaking the bank, but not to worry. There are plenty of worthy weekend adventures for students to go on without thinning out their wallets.

Whether it’s a fast paced adventure surrounded by hotels and bright lights on the Vegas strip, to become one with the wilderness under the start lit sky, or just to sit back and relax on a gentle sandy beach, the perfect weekend getaway is possible for every student.

Of course one can’t plan a vacation without any help.

There are plenty of free sources designed to help find the right weekend getaway for every student.

Websites like,, and are designed to find last minute deals, cheap travel ideas, and fun new destinations.

They have preplanned trips that step-by-step itineraries, and fun ideas. Or if preferred, one can take things into their own hands and build their own getaway.

Either way, there are plenty of tips to help get students out of the city, and forget their worries for at least a day or two.

Even if an entire weekend is not affordable, there are a lot of great things to do here in town.

Hiking trips, camping, tailgating, and the river are just a few great ways to relax.

When planning a weekend getaway the most important thing to remember is to plan ahead.

Planning a vacation ahead of time lessens the chance of forgetting things for the trip and also saves money because the farther in advance that hotels or flights are booked, the cheaper they usually are.

If students want a fast paced vacation and don’t plan on spending much time in the hotel, then opting for a less expensive one is ideal.

If they wish to relax and plan on spending more time in the hotel, then go ahead and spend a little more money to make the trip more comfortable.

Booking your trip in bundles such as flight, hotel, ?rental cars, will also help to keep every student’s wallet plump.

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