Walker, Saar face off in debate for MCCD board

Sarah Evans

On Nov. 2 incumbent Jerry Walker will be running against Dana Saar in the District two Maricopa governing board election. Recently, the Arizona Republic printed an article about inappropriate comments made by Walker, and the cost involved in investigating the incident. Walker said that the details about his misconduct were inaccurate.

“All I happen to do (is) give my opinion to people, and it got printed in the newspaper. Only reason it got printed in the newspaper was because somebody didn’t like my opinion and they shared their opinion about it,” Walker said.

He maintained that he did nothing wrong and that the investigation was needlessly done.

“It was the legal department at the district office that spent the money. They didn’t have to. All they had to do was ask me what my intentions were. write them down and let people know that Jerry didn’t do anything wrong. He was just shooting his mouth off about his personal opinions,” Walker said.

Walker said that his six years of experience on the board and political views make him the most qualified as a board member.

“I am a conservative. If I’m re-elected I’ll still be the only conservative on the board,” he said.

Dana Saar said his experience on the Fountain Hills school board would be of direct benefit if elected to the MCCD board.

“I have been on the Fountain Hills school board, this is my 14th year. I taught for five years and was an administrator at EVIT,” he said.

Saar expressed his concern about the governing board.

“It’s a significant part of the pathway for a career for most college students. To see that in any kind of jeopardy because of a school board member or two isn’t acceptable, so now’s the time.”

Walker stated one of his main goals was to keep education impartial.

“I want objective education; I want people to be taught how to think, not told what to think,” Walker said.

On Oct. 7, Walker and Saar debated at MCC’s Red Mountain campus.

C.T. Wright, who stated he personally knows Saar and Walker and work with Saar as president of the Fountain Hills school board, detailed his opinion of the candidates during the debate.

“If Mister Walker did not have the history that he has, and he was doing what he said tonight, he would be a strong candidate, but unfortunately that is not the case,” Wright said.

Wright stated that he attended the event already knowing he was going to vote for Saar.

Ken Jackson, a supporter of Walker who attended the debate as well, articulated his approval of Walker and his opinion of the recent news article.

“I think that Jerry is real conservative. I think that paper (the Arizona Republic) has their point of view (and agenda) that they want to get out,” said Jackson.

Jackson attended the debate knowing he was already going to vote for Walker.

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