The Veteran's Memorial area at the Mountain View Cemetery (Photo courtesy of the Mountain View Cemetery).

Wreaths Across America continues to honor U.S. veterans

Wreaths Across America will host an event on March 24 at the Mountain View Cemetery which aims to honor veterans for their sacrifices with a wreath placed at their grave.

The project started in 1992 and has grown to place almost 90,000 wreaths in a day. They work with over 3600 cemeteries and 600 volunteer truckers who help transport the flowers.

Each wreath is sponsored by willing donors and costs $17 per wreath. For every wreath donated, the project will match $5 and donate it to local veteran based charities. 

The program’s goal is to honor every veteran who has passed away. Each veteran is given the proper respect they deserve, as a wreath of flowers is placed on their grave every year.

Their motto, “Remember, Honor and Teach” has been the mission statement for the project for years. 

For them, it’s important to remember the veterans, honor those who serve by remembering our veterans throughout the year, and teach our children the value of freedom.

Nancy Fassbender is the Wreaths Across America coordinator for the Mountain View Cemetery, which is based in Mesa, AZ. 

Fassbender has been working with the project for two years, and has already helped make a major impact within the community.

Fassbender recalls a story in which she found out that the project didn’t have any support in the East Valley.

“I immediately contacted Mountain View Cemetery and approached them with this project.  I was prepared to give a good speech about Wreaths Across America and after my first sentence, they immediately said they would be honored to be the cemetery of choice to honor the veterans.  These last two years they have supported our project and eagerly have helped with anything that is needed,” said Fassbender.

For Fassbender, the program reinforces her belief that every veteran deserves respect, be they fallen or living.

“Every veteran deserves our respect.  I wanted to join the Wreaths Across America mission to be able to Remember, Honor and Teach,” said Fassbender.

Fassbender also shared a heartwarming story about a little boy named Dennis, whose grandparents took him out to the cemetery to see all the wreaths.

According to the grandparents, Dennis was proud to show his Papa his friend, and gave a salute to the memorial.

Heartwarming stories like this show how great the project is for helping families honor their fallen veterans.

Fassbender also helps run Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans, which has an event coming up in Phoenix on March 25 and is connected with the Wreaths Across America project,

According to Fassbender, there will be vendors, live music, and even free haircuts. Veterans and their families are encouraged to attend both of these upcoming events. For more information about the events and information on how to sponsor a wreath,  please visit


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