X+You= Healthy; Solve for X

Ashley Lawson

It’s no secret that summers in Arizona are extremely hot, and seeing people enjoying themselves outside is a true rarity.Exercising outside is even more of a unique sight during these upcoming warm months.

However, there are many ways to get in shape or to stay fit, under the sizzling summer sun.

Join a summer intramural league at your local community park.

They offer most sports, but softball and baseball are among the most popular.

Waiting until after work, when the sun has gone down is a great way to keep sane during an Arizona summer.

“I go work out at a local high school track down the street from my house,” said MCC student Natalie Frank.

Working out around grass, on a track reduces heat emissions, as opposed to running on the asphalt.

Frank has a work out buddy, and thinks it’s much easier to get motivated to work out when someone else is relying on you to work out.

“We start by running a lap around the track as a warm up, then do suicides until we can’t any longer,” Frank said.

Warming up before you start the actual work out helps the losing weight process.

“Eight minute abs is a cheesy workout video that I actually think works! I found it on YouTube and use it after every time I work out,” Frank said.

Another great way to stay in shape when it’s 120 degrees outside is to swim laps in the pool.

Swimming is great exercise and will definitely keep people cool.

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