A night of vogue at MCC’s fashion show

Brianna Martinez

Judging by the multitude of impressive and ornate designs shown on April 2 at the debut of MCC’s Spring fashion show, the next top designer in the fashion industry might just come from MCC. The show, which was run entirely by MCC students, was themed, “A night at the masquerade”.

Models strutted their stuff down the catwalk sporting intricate masks or extravagant makeup.

Tickets were $20 each for VIP front row seating, and each pre-purchased ticket was entered into a chance to win a pair of diamond earrings.

Six designers were featured and showed off the collections they had been putting together all semester.

Many of the designers came from different backgrounds with different design aesthetics and unique visions for their lines.

Designs ranged from liquid leggings to over the top gowns.

Even a sophisticated wedding dress and a slender model rocking a swimsuit made appearances on the runway.

One designer, 28-year-old Joseph Roberts, took a very dramatic turn with his line.

“My line was very avant-garde, very showy. It’s not something you would wear everyday,” Roberts said.

He found his knack for constructing clothing 13 years ago when he was performing in theatre and would help his grandmother sew his costumes.

He then took over all of the sewing jobs himself.

After a while, his friends began to notice how good he had become at sewing and how talented a designer he was.

People soon started asking him to design their prom dresses.

His line for this season’s fashion show featured six outfits; four female designs and two male designs.

“I had been working on the designs since last semester, but finally started sewing the designs about a week before the fashion show,” Roberts said.

Two inspirations that best describe the feel of his line are Heatherette and Alexander McQueen, both lines that contain an avant-garde feel.

Roberts plans to go to school for fashion in Pennsylvania at Drexel.

“It’s mainly an art school, but it has a really good fashion program,” Roberts said.

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