Alcohol Fueled weekends are not fun

Julija Kaselyte

I couldn’t believe I got so many invitations to party on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning coma?

Not for me, thanks.

Everyone ignored the fact that this time should have been well enjoyed with family baking delicious goodies, wrapping presents, and having lots of delicious food.

Many people that I know were just partying with a company of friends and a bunch of drinks.

It amazes me that the only way to have fun is to get drunk.

Aren’t you bored yet?

Partying and going wild every weekend doesn’t sound appealing.

Or do you still think being more drunk than others makes you cooler and helps you stand out of the crowd?

Tremendous alcohol consumption is not just a terrifying fact, it is what our friends do on a regular basis.

I don’t understand what the purpose of drinking ten shots, five beers, and a couple wine bottles in one night is?

Just guessing, but I bet some people are down to have more.

I can drink 2 glasses of wine or a Mojito, but 30 Margaritas doesn’t sound like

fun. Not to mention I would be ashamed to get drunk.

Seriously, it is gross.

If I was disgustingly drunk whether in public or not, I’d count it as the worst nightmare.

But for a lot of juveniles it is not a big deal.

However, it is ridiculous how many people complain about being sick the morning after diving in the sea of alcohol the previous night.

Then why do you drink?

It is just stupid to assume that it becomes more fun and relaxed when everyone gets drunk.

No, it is not. You can dance being sober and feel good drinking non-alcoholic beverages.

Or, take, for example, a Mormon wedding.

I’ve been there, I’ve seen how much fun people can have being absolutely sober.

It’s funny when someone calls me a good girl because I never get drunk.

If I’m considered a good person because I am not an alcoholic, that’s fine, I’ll take it.

If you want to drink until you don’t realize where you are and what you are doing, that’s your problem.

I constantly try to avoid that kind of company which is not  even a little interesting.

You folks don’t seem to be cool, you seem to be alcoholics.

Do you remember what you did last night?

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