Artists showcase talent at First Fridays, local free venues

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Artists showcase talent at First Fridays, local free venues

Open studios are a good way to experience art and meet the arts creators. First Fridays is a nonprofit organization that allows artists to share their passion for artwork, allowing for great appreciation and understanding of what’s behind the art work. First Fridays takes place every first Friday of the month and is pretty much a self-guided tour in downtown Phoenix.

“I really love all of the different aspects of art and hearing the stories that each artist encounters when making the specific artwork that they are displaying. This time around was my first time attending and I really enjoyed it,” said attendee Stephanie Stelle.

Along with First Fridays come many other art attractions throughout the state which are free, displaying beautiful and abstract art for many to view. Modified Arts is one of them.

Modified Arts exudes a modern industrial feel that displays contemporary art as well as a spot for musicians to showcase their talent.

“I really enjoy this venue because not only does it showcase art, but while you’re enjoying some of the pieces you are graced with the presence of a band’s stunning music,” said Hannah Wright.

“The art work is really amazing yet unique and is really a great spot for artistic people to showcase their work for others to see,” said Wright.

Another art gallery that is free to the public is the Night Gallery located at Tempe Marketplace.

The Night Gallery is an art gallery opened by the ASU Herberger College School of Art. ASU art students are able to showcase their artwork there.

“I got the chance to visit this gallery and I thought it was interesting. There were a lot of different pieces some that were really strange and others that were just really awesome,” Stelle said.

Scottsdale Art Walk is an event that hosts “the best of” Art Walks along with many other free events.

Downtown Scottsdale is one of the few places in the Phoenix area that lends itself well to walking.

There more than 100 art galleries throughout Old Town that participate, many with artist receptions, hosing one giant, informal open house. Several times during the year, look for special themed Art Walks with live music and entertainment.

The Tempe Festival of the Arts consistently ranks among the Top 20 art festivals in the nation by Sunshine Artists and has received the Pinnacle Award from the International Festival and Events Association.

The spring and fall events each attract nearly 250,000 visitors to the Mill Avenue District over the course of a three-day weekend.

While the Tempe Festival of the Arts primarily focuses on art and the artists that create it, there are also a wide variety of other activities for guests to enjoy. Live entertainment stages provide musical entertainment for festival-goers.

“Although I have never attended this festival I think I might have to this year,” Stelle said.

“I really appreciate art and the fact that there will also be live music makes it even better.

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