PSP International: Paintball a growing extreme sport

Marisa Roper

The Paintball Sports Promotions is back in Arizona to host its second Phoenix Open at the Glendale Youth Sports Complex.This year’s events are happening February 19 through the 22 and will be packed with paintballers from all around the world, there to compete against other teams in their divisions.

Prizes have been set to be anywhere from $600 to $8,000 dollars depending on the place and division a team competes in.

Not only has this rising extreme sport been appealing to the players but also to the spectators of the game.

For the past three years paintballing’s multimillion dollar industry has experienced a 17 percent increase in participants and is continuing to rise in team

count each year.

With free admission to each PSP event, over 12 million people have enjoyed attending the games throughout the U.S.

In 2007 there were an estimated 35,000 people who attended the World Cup. Now, professionals of the sport have predicted the outcome of 2010 game will have increased to a fan base of 20 million people, including both the players and the


It’s quickly becoming one of the fastest growing extreme sports and the safest among them all with only a 0.2 injury rate out of every 1000 exposures.

At this month’s event there will be six fields set up for matches.

Each of the four divisions, plus pro and semi-pro teams, will compete the first three days and then fight for the title in the playoffs and finals.

Although there have been five tournaments in the past, the 2009 PSP will be cutting the events down to four, including the world cup event taking place later in the summer.

The changes have been made in hopes offinancially helping out the players and their teams.

International vendors will also be in attendance, selling goods such as t-shirts, paintball guns, paint, luggage and other necessary equipment a player or fan needs to maintain the paintball lifestyle.

Most of the distributors will be there to launch their new paintball products and introductions for next year.

Players can still register teams online and will still be able to do so in person the first two days of the event.

One hundred and fifty-six teams have registered for the Phoenix Open, so only a few spots are left and registration gets more expensive closer to the deadline.

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