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ASMCC To-Do List

Huan Vo

With a calendar jam-packed with meetings, events and plans, the new Executive Board officers of the Associated Students of Mesa Community College hope to satisfy various needs of students and strengthen the connection among the ASMCC, students and faculty.

Communication and public relations have been an issue and it’s where the ASMCC officers want to make big changes. As VP of Communications Andre Salais put it, a lot of students don’t know what the ASMCC is, while the ones who do don’t have an exact idea of what the ASMCC does.

“It’s all about communication. It ties into our team’s goals, making sure that we’re able to inform all the students that we do exist.”

Additionally, after reviewing the results of the survey conducted by the office of resource and planning, the officers learned that students’ main item of importance is the opportunity for hands-on experience, which the officers are looking to create more.

According to the President of ASMCC Suhail Rahim, it can be done through a variety of ways, such as creating connection and helping to build a relationship with different academic departments as well as creating environments on campus where students can act out their role as citizens and get engaged in different events that shape their academic career.

When it comes to plans, the officers want to schedule college forums throughout the semester where the focus of discussion is issues related to student services or legislative items so that students have an opportunity to interact with their elective representatives, express their opinions, and spread awareness of issues that affect them, according to Salais.

“We also attend every Governing Board meeting,” Salais added. “We’re definitely involved in that so students have some sort of representations there.”

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