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Know Your ASMCC Staff

Huan Vo

With all-new Executive Board officers, the ASMCC strives forward with great forces. Meet the faces of the ASMCC.

Suhail Rahim – President

Suhail Rahim has been an MCC political science major since fall 2009. He joins the ASMCC because he recognizes that involvement in student organization is something that gears toward success.

Rahim wants to improve public relations, showing students what the ASMCC is and what their purposes are. He hopes to improve the communication line with students and faculty alike, engage students on all campuses, identify what students’ concerns and issues are and advocate on their behalf of interest and concern.

Ray AreccoExecutive VP and Senate Chair

Having attended MCC since fall 2010, he’s a biochemistry major. He was involved with the biotech club first. When he saw the opportunity to join the ASMCC, he jumped right in because

he saw the potential of being a part of a student organization. As studies show, once students get involved in a student organization like ASMCC, they are more likely to succeed, and he wants to be successful.

Arecco wants to continue and improve on the senate side of things. He’s pushing to have more independent senator seats, and he’s already started the semester having more independent senators than the last semester.

Additional, Arecco wants the senate to be more active on campus. He also sees the potential of independent senators coming in and campaigning for their constituents. Strengthening public relations is also one of his goals to strive for.

Parisa Mardiha – VP of Fiscal Affairs

She’s become an aerospace engineer major at MCC since spring 2010. She’s been involved with the ASMCC since last fall.

Mardiha’s goals are to work with the clubs because a lot of them don’t know that they have funding and make sure that the budget is spent wisely. She would like students to get more information about the ASMCC.

Andre Salais – VP of Communications

He’s an undergraduate in political science. He’s been at MCC since fall 2009 and a part of the ASMCC since then.

He saw in the ASMCC the opportunity to do something worthwhile and significant on campus. He hopes to advocate for the needs of students regardless of what the need happens to be.

 He aims to improve the public relations, letting students know more about the ASMCC and engage in the projects and events the student government has in store for them.

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