Baking in sun causes lifelong hazards

Maryjane Bowyer

After being pent up in stuffy winter coats and long jeans, spring is here.For those who wish to get their skin a few shades darker before heading pool side, using tanning beds is a typical tool for doing so.

However, students may want to think twice before making their way to a tanning salon.
Lindsay Kakosso, a local cosmetologist, said she has discovered skin cancer on more than one of her clients that she knows of, and that both instances were a direct result of too much tanning.

“When I see a suspicious mole or spot on a client I always advise them to see a dermatologist to make sure it isn’t cancerous. On some occasions I have actually spotted skin cancer on clients.” Kakosso said.

She explained that moles that are discolored or misshaped are usually signs of a cancerous mole.

Kakosso said that although she has used tanning beds before, she chooses not to anymore after learning how they proved to be extremely harmful to some of her customers.

Chelsea Farnsworth, a former employee of the local tanning salon Simply Tan, believes that laying out in the sun and catching a few rays may be just as harmful as using a tanning bed.

“Both can be unhealthy for your skin. The rays from the sun and the bulbs can both damage your skin if done too much,” she said.
“The fact that the bulbs are so strong and so close to your body I think can be more harmful than tanning outdoors, if you use them excessively,” Farnsworth continued.

Students who choose not to expose themselves to dangerous UV rays, but still would like a tan, have alternatives for getting that extra shade darker.

Spray tans are becoming increasingly popular with major misting salon Mystic Tan opening stores up across the nation.

Mystic Tan boasts a UV-free spray tan that takes less than a minute to apply. Places like these are becoming more popular as awareness of the dangers of tanning spreads.

Self-applied home tanning lotions are also making a comeback. These lotion-like tanners are available at nearly every grocery store and can be bought for less than $10 in some cases. Tanners like these are also UV-free.
Whether someone is intentionally sun tanning outside or just being out and about in the hot Arizona sun, strong UV rays can cause skin cancer if proper precautions are not taken.

Using tanning beds with strong UV bulbs can additionally increase the risk of skin cancer.

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