Beaches, snow ideal for spring break

Cassie DeSalvo

Spring Break 2009 is around the corner and while some students may already have their vacations planned out, others should start getting ideas and making reservations now. Lucky for Arizonans, beaches are only a few hours away and the White Mountains with fresh powder are even closer.

Jet to Mission Beach, San Diego where the laid-back vibe is never scarce and the people are just as tranquil. The weather is always breezy with marine-style temperatures and, if up early enough, sometimes dolphins can be spotted up by the tide.

San Diego’s nightlife is always in motion downtown in the Gaslamp district, only ten minutes away from Pacific and Mission beach. The nightlife somewhat resembles Mill Avenue, times ten with energetic bars and restaurants lining the streets.

There are tons of moderately priced hotels throughout San Diego. A couple of the resorts on Mission Beach include Paradise Point Resort and Spa located on Mission Bay and Bahia Resort Hotel also located in the heart of Mission Bay, only about a ten minute drive to downtown and Seaworld.

Sunrise, up North, is also a good place to go for some snowboarding or skiing and to get away from the soon-to-come Arizona heat.

Colorado also has some popular mountains for snowboarding and skiing such as Winter Park, Copper Mountain, Vail and, of course, Aspen.

Getting back to the beach scene, Rocky Point is full of beautiful resorts with beaches and plenty of activities.

“I love going to Mexico for spring break because you can lay out on the beach all day and then head to your hotel, get ready, and hit up the clubs later that night,” said MCC student Brittany Blackwell.

Clubs such as Manny’s, Baha and The Ice Box are some of the most popular clubs in Rocky Point. Manny’s sits right on the beach with a spacious dance floor and blaring music. Baha has a cover charge of $15 including a wrist band for re-entry and an open bar.

Another hot spot is The Ice Box, located across from Manny’s with a cover charge of $10, which includes a wrist band for re-entry and an open bar.

“My favorite place to get a good margarita is the taco shop right in front of Manny’s, you can get a two foot tall margarita for only $2,” said ASU sophomore Ashley Sims.

If hitting the clubs doesn’t sound too appealing then don’t worry, there are plenty of other activities such as taking a day to shop around Mexico.

“The thing I love most about Mexico is the shopping they have great deals on knockoffs and they are always up to bargain with you” said Blackwell.

Looking to spend spring break a little more relaxing? Then stay in one of these top Resorts located right on the beach, Las Palomas, Princesa de Penasco and Sonoran Sun.

To get the cheapest rates take your trip Sunday through Thursday because the room prices are much more expensive during the weekend on Friday and Saturday.

“Me and the guys are going to Mexico on Tuesday and coming back Friday so that we don’t have to pay the outrageous price difference for the weekend,” MCC student Jason Mendez said.

As fun as Mexico sounds, the biggest issue is safety. Some tips on how to stay safe in Mexico this spring break is to never be alone, always travel in large groups and stick together.

Whether going to the restroom or just around the corner to get a taco, tell someone and take a friend.

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