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President Donald Trump and his reality star assistant Omarosa Manigault Newman were the perfect dynamic duo, that is, until Omarosa was forced to part ways with the White House.

She made sure to leave with a bang. Although a spiteful rivalry between two vicious persons of power would be reality TV worthy, it all just feels like a cry for help in my eyes.

President Trump, weaponized her ethnicity to paint over his blatant racism. Omarosa played into her role miraculously, but at what cost? It’s no secret that Trump has done and said things throughout his career that question his credibility as a businessman and now the president of the United States.

Omarosa’s book, “Unhinged”, which covers uncanny details of the White House and since has come out with audio recordings that exposed Trump for using the “N-” word on “The Apprentice”, seems to have been planned for the perfect execution.

Trump grew her into the life of fame and fortune and now it is time for his sidekick to rebrand herself and keep her status intact, but did she have to pull out the black card to come out on top? No.

As a Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison in the White House, she did not take advantage of changing the view on racial divides created by Trump.

Whether her standpoints were out of fear or pure negligence, we will never know for sure, but she admitted to having a blind spot for Trump after all these years. I commend her for owning up to dimming in the light of a very powerful man.

That is not enough to combat all the lost time she spent standing up for someone who is never shy about showing his true colors.

She should have resigned or spoken up about injustices a long time ago.

For example, after the turmoil of Trump’s viewpoint on Charlottesville about White Supremacists and African American parties being collectively wrong about an event that was clearly one sided and violently racist, Omarosa chose to remain silent.

She cannot expect the public to hear her cries to expose Trump, especially when she has no audio recordings of her ever giving voice to those who are ignored, specifically people of color.

In a perfect world, Omarosa resigning from office and releasing her book deal at the same time would have absolutely won my respect.

The blowback for standing up to someone whose actions prove to be morally corrupt, would not have been as damaging. She is in a web political madness as she fails to explain her support of President Trump. That is not an image I want to see for an independent black woman.

I will recognize that her seat off the throne only amplifies her real position in office, which is being a “garden rail” as she describes in her book.

The White House pretends to share diversity, with poise, when in actuality her role as assistant to Trump was one big fat trolling endeavor.  The White House, that is predominantly white, will never give power to someone of her vernacular.

The fact that there is not one African American person who has a strong position in Trump’s cabinet raises far more concerns than her audio recordings and allegations against Trump ever will.

Maybe in light of her poor taste, we will come to see that the lack of people of color in The Trump administration, right now, means that so many problems are being unheard and underrepresented. Communities will continue to go without a voice for as long as the White House pretends to care about diversity.

Was she ever given a chance to represent people of color? No.

The media should focus on an administration that is stuck in the 1960s, not the tapes or the allegations.

I would like to see Omarosa rise from the dead. Is she redeemable? I’m sure we will find out.


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