Briana Clah Awarded Player of the Week by ACCAC

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alliBriana Clah is the current star of the MCC athletics department.Due to all of her hard work, including a 24.5 points per game average, she has earned the ACCAC DII Player of The Week title for her performances against Chandler Gilbert and Central Arizona College. This is the first Player of the Week Honors for Briana and perhaps not the last. Clah began playing basketball when she was six or seven, taught by her mother and father. Her father, Gary Clah, also being the assistant coach at her high school Mary Farms high where he would continue to become the head coach during her final three years of attendance.

Briana Clah is a guard for the Lady T-Birds, and was recently recognized for the skill she demonstrates on the team.
Briana Clah is a guard for the Lady T-Birds, and was recently recognized for the skill she demonstrates on the team.
Photo by Tania Ritko/Mesa Legend

Not only was her father interested in basketball, also her sister played for South Mountain.This is what Clah says ultimately led to her interest in playing for MCC. “Before I came to MCC, I attended a game when my sister was playing for South Mountain. I was inspired by the coaches and the athletes alike for how hard they worked and played.” Since joining the MCC women’s basketball team last year, Clah has stepped up to the challenges of the games as well as consistently keeping her game high.

This year she was asked to be point guard, accepting the opportunity and shining. “She has passion for the game. She exemplifies her heart for the game,” says Kori Stephenson, the Head Women’s basketball coach. Hard work in itself is something that seems a natural attribute of Clah. A consistently solid player for MCC, Briana also has interests in joining the US Navy as well as goals for her schooling. She wants to achieve a BA in Computer Science and has already been receiving offers from basketball recruiters. “Fort Lewis and Haskell Indian Nation University have both been in contact with me. I want to play two more years of basketball then most likely join the Navy.”

When asked if she wanted a professional basketball career, Clah replied, “I’m not sure. I would like to go overseas so maybe if the opportunity is there I might pursue it, but I don’t know yet.” “She’s awesome. She’s a great kid.” Continues Stephenson. “She’s what every coach wants. Unselfish, works hard, develops her skills, and has a high IQ.” The next T-Bird women’s basketball will be Feb. 3 at Theo gym.


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