Club Profile: Medieval combat club battles mythical foes

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Club Profile: Medieval combat club battles mythical foes

Amanda Smith

Medieval Combat Club began in 2009 as Dagorhir – an affiliate of a nationally acclaimed sword-fighting clubs started by a group of college students in the 1970s. The affiliate at MCC since then has changed their name to the Medieval Combat Club.

The students have been seen outside the Kirk Center battling it out on the grass-covered field, fighting with handmade weapons made of insulated and padded hockey sticks,.The combat is brutal but a completely safe way to sword fight.

Surprising as it may be, the club is very educational and the president and vice president of the club teach members specific blocks and cuts to best represent the lost skill of medieval combat.

President and founder of the club and computer networking major at MCC, Arthur Nordstrom started his interest in medieval combat about 10 years ago and fought in various clubs. Justin Hayes, biologist major and vice president of the club, is trained in martial arts and joined Medieval Combat Club when it first began.

Both Nordstrom and Hayes are experienced and exemplify their devotion to educate each club member. Students new to the club can be assured they will enjoy it.

Dalton Georgitso MCC student and new club member joined last semester.

 “I do it because it’s good exercise and it’s just plain fun,” said Georgitso.

 Hayes expressed that it’s a great way to step outside of the grueling college life,

 “For me its better than say…jogging.”

Hayes did say that as fun as it is, he shares a philosophy with the members to keep them focused.

“The fantasy should be your inspiration but not your motivation,” Hayes said.

All students are welcome and if someone would like to join, they can talk to the president at one of their meetings on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2 – 6 p.m. outside the Kirk Student center.

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