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Students for…

Jessica Unterreiner and Ryan Garner

The 2012 Arizona Republican Primary is just around the corner, Feb. 28 to be exact.

In January the Legend conducted a straw poll to determine who the favored contenders for the Presidential race are.

Out of 127 students polled, 37 percent of students said they have not yet decided who they are supporting this election.

Many of these students said they were neither familiar with the candidates nor their any of their views.

Aside from those who were undecided, Barack Obama received the most nods in the poll.

The second favorite was Ron Paul, with 18 percent of the votes.

Mitt Romney, the GOP front runner, only had 2 percent of student votes, despite his victories in New Hampshire, Maine, Florida and Nevada thus far.

Newt came in last with 2 percent of students’ support having only won a primary in South Carolina.

A majority of non-voting students included a group that said they might not cast a vote because, in short, they do not believe their vote counts.

Even some students who do plan to vote seemed discouraged that their favorite might not win.

This was the case for many Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich supporters.

Oddly noted was the absence of Senator Rick Santorum’s presence in the student poll.

Still other students expressed the lack of desire to vote at all.

When asked why he would not be voting, fire science student, Sean Barry proudly replied, “I’m a rebel.”


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