College athletes find ways to excel on field, in class

Gregg Bolden

On the surface, it seems that the life of the college athlete is one to be envied.  

They are some of the most popular students on any collage campus and receive publicity from various media outlets.

Although there are rewards to competing in athletics while enrolled in college, balancing the time spent on athletic activities and academic obligations can be grueling.

Student athletes must figure out a way to stay on top of their schoolwork while spending countless hours practicing and travelling for their respective sports.

Thankfully for these students, they are not on their own.

According to Greg Croshaw, the head football coach at MCC, it is “always a concern” of the administration to make academic struggles among athletes less of a problem.

Student athletes are offered tutoring if they need extra assistance, and encouraged to take part in study hall with the team.

 When asked what most helped him keep up with his schoolwork while playing at ASU, former defensive end James Brooks said, “probably the team study groups.

“Sometimes you’re just so tired from practice so it helps to have teammates around.”

There are also the obvious grade checks that come with playing scholastic sports to ensure that students are staying up to date on their assignments.

Coach Croshaw added that he gets great satisfaction not only from leading his athletes to success on the field, but also in the classroom.

It can be an immense amount of work for student athletes, but there are numerous outlets that they can utilize in order to help insure their success on both the field and in the classroom.

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