Fashion students styling a sustainable future

Illustration by Casper Savoie

The E.A.R.T.H Forward Summit will hold their first ever sustainable fashion show collaborated by Wear-it Wise and Mesa Community College’s (MCC) fashion department this March.

“We’re trying to get awareness for sustainable fashion,” Wear-it Wise participator and fashion show coordinator, Jarom Jacobson said. “We’re just trying to get people to realize that everything you buy, where does it come from? Is someone using crazy chemicals? How much water goes into making your clothing? Is someone being as conservative as possible?”

Students of Mesa Community College’s fashion department will use sustainable materials to build wearable art for this catwalk. “The clothes are made from recycled materials,” MCC’s fashion instructor Evonne Bowling said. “Which includes about fifteen garments. Then I got eight to ten students fashion styling students that are going to buy entire outfits, thrifting.”

Thrifting is seen as a currently popular trend and while famous fashion blogs such as Man Repeller discuss the popularity and allure of thrifting or vintage clothing, only a small percentage of the fashion industry creates new sustainable clothes each year.

“It is almost not seen” Jarom said of the fashion industry’s efforts. “Because it is more expensive when it’s brand new.”

This is due to certification and cost. Big company chains will not be certified as sustainable for such things as using too much water, harsh chemicals, or using non-organic materials. “It’s easier for people to throw chemicals in.” Jarom said. For this reason, fashion styling students will be showcasing the thrifting trend in an effort to inspire the audience toward sustainability and fashion consciousness for those on a budget.

“We want people to not only know about it but to start acting on it.” Jarom said. “Paying a little more for something that is better for the world is the right thing to do, or, donating our clothes responsibly.”

The Earth Forward Summit event is for students, faculty, and staff in efforts toward a more sustainable future. It includes a vendor fair, raffling of $500 scholarships for students, and guest speakers. The event will take place on Mar. 29, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Mesa Community College Navajo Room on the Southern and Dobson campus. Admission is free.

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