Five Useful Self-Improvement Activities For Self-Isolation

Many Arizona residents are huddled inside with a stock of groceries, water and toilet paper to combat the spread of the coronavirus. The current infected number is at 326 with 5 deaths as of March 24, and health officials have stated the numbers will rise, according to AZ Central. Many local businesses have closed with the tentative reopening date of April 1, and Mesa Community College announced the shutdown of both campuses with all spring semester classes moved to an online format for the duration of the semester. 

While you’ve quarantined yourself in your home, you’ll most likely find boredom. So, here are five activities to keep you occupied while you’re safe inside.

#1 Clean your house

You’ve probably been putting it off because you’re ‘too busy.’ Now that you have nothing to do and nowhere to be, you have no excuse to not tidy and sanitize your home. A good first step is organization and decluttering. After you decide what sparks joy and what deserves to die, clean the high spots in your house and leave the floor for last. You’ll feel much better spending so much time in a space that actually looks and smells clean.

#2 Order stuff online

Be ahead of the curve and buy things you need now. Amazon and other sites are quickly selling out of goods, and a safe way to get your groceries or hygiene products is to buy them online so you know when and what is coming to your door. Also, so you don’t have to come in contact with anyone who might be sick with the coronavirus.

Keep the longer wait time in mind when you make your purchase. But, why not stock up for future needs like tampons, soaps, or toilet paper that’ll arrive in April? Fry’s and other grocery stores also have the option to shop online and pick up when you arrive. There’s no use standing in a lengthy line. Use the internet to your advantage.

#3 Learn how to fix things

Whether it’s your car, taxes, or household appliances: it’s time you learn how to fix these things on your own. The luxury of YouTube and Google allows no shortage of information. You can find out how to change your oil or how to change a tire. They’re skills you might need in the future, depending on the length of this quarantine, and you’ll gain self-pride. And there’s no excuse for taxes. With online programs such as TurboTax, you can do your taxes easily at home without paying a local business to do them for you. Do it yourself and you won’t have to depend on someone else. All the businesses are closed anyway.

#4 Plant a garden

A majority of the global population planted their own gardens during World War II. Seeds are inexpensive, and with the record-breaking shortage at U.S. grocery stores, it might comfort you to attempt to grow your own fruits and vegetables. Flowers can also elevate your mood when your taking a quick outdoors break to your own backyard. There’s really no downside to planting your own garden. With all the recent rain, you might actually grow something.

#5 Make a financial plan

You might’ve lost your job during these challenging times. Maybe you’re working less hours. Maybe you’re fortunate and can work from home. Whatever it is, we all have financial challenges, and the quarantine puts particular pressure on people to pay rent and utilities while also stockpiling on groceries and toilet paper. That’s why this is a vital time to plan for your future. 

If you had more in savings, you might not be so anxious about what the next uncertain week brings. Planning your future degree, work, hours, expenses and more will help you feel secure about the next couple of months. Sit down, grab a calculator, and get to work jotting down your expenses and your income. Then, you can begin the path toward financial stability.


  • Allison Cripe

    Allison Cripe is a guest writer for the Mesa Legend. She also writes songs and short stories such as this one in Across the Margin: Dogs are her spirit animal(s).

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