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Gaming for your future

Michael Shahin

The future of gaming is here, and her name is Xbox One.

Microsoft just released their latest video game console, a week after Sony released the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft has come a long way from E3.

They’ve done a full 180, and changed a lot of the features for this console, by listening to the gamer’s wants and needs.

The new controllers for the Xbox One have been redefined.

The weight is a bit lighter, and the grip feels amazing.

The new joysticks have a grip on them for the gamers who tend to play longer hours, not getting bothered with their fingers.

If you like your exclusive games, this is the console.

On launch, the Xbox One has Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3, and Forza Motorsport 5.

These are just a few of the exclusives the Xbox has provided, and the epic battles, racing and zombie killing can be done here.

Are you a game programmer and wish to create a mini epic game for the world to play?

Each console is given a free developer kit to create your games, unlike Sony charging for the kit for their end users.

The Xbox One has plenty of applications such as Hulu +, Netflix, and Skype which all can be used on either consoles, the PS4 doesn’t have an NFL application; this app is an Xbox One exclusive.

It lets you personalize the application for your favorite team for all the information on them, managed your fantasy football team, up-to-date news, videos, and stats at any time of the day.

For the social media lovers, you can also instantly share all your NFL moments through Skype and Xbox Live.

All of these features can be done even while in game, letting the multitaskers take full advantage.

While they are many more features, it does come with a pricier tag than the PlayStation 4, as it does come with the Kinect 2 with your purchase.

If you’re able to shell the extra $100, I would totally recommend this console over the PlayStation 4.

Microsoft has done it right this time.

This console is more than just a gaming console, it’s an entertainment console.

It has everything from a Blu-Ray player, multi-tasking, NFL exclusive access, and even a game DVR.

What it all comes down to is what you want your next gen console to do for you.

Look into the games as each console has their exclusives, and make the right purchase as it will be the console you’re on for a good while.

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