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Think before you buy next gen

Ryan Scott

The next generation of gaming consoles has arrived.

Sony just launched the long awaited Playstation 4, or simply PS4 and Microsoft is hot on their heels with the Xbox One.

Nintendo on the other released their latest console, the Wii u, just over a year ago.

Our generation’s addiction to technology doesn’t seem to be slowing down, as Sony sold 1 million consoles in 24 hours, their best to date.

Coming with a price tag of $399 and no backwards compatibility, games will be a necessary purchase as well.

But in comparison, the PS4 may be the best middle ground with all things considered.

The Xbox One comes with a $499 price tag out of the gate, which is a significant investment for anyone, especially those with limited disposable income.

Xbox One also had some issues from the start in regards to the way the system handled used games and the always on camera feature.

Even though these were addressed by Microsoft, the damaged had been done and left some questions about the system moving forward.

The PS4 has new hardware, new features, new games and a new look.

For those feeling the need to jump on the next gen console bandwagon from the get go, this to me is the safe bet.

But what is point at buying a console right when it is released?

Many launch consoles are notorious for having issues at first.

The PS4 and Xbox One have been no exception with the “blue light of death” effecting a small percentage of the PS4 systems and Xbox having a cavalcade of issues ranging from missing hardware as well as issues with the disc drive.

Another potential negative aspect of buying either of these two consoles right away is that there is a very limited number of games that are released with the system.

Also, a fair percentage of these games are available for the current gen syetems as well. So why rush out and spend the money?

However, though the Wii U has been criticized heavily, I think that for the $299 price tag, which is the deluxe set that includes 2 games as well, may be an overlooked contender.

Video game systems are becoming multimedia devices as opposed to strictly gaming platforms and all of these consoles offer different features.

It is important for everyone to look at what their use is for it, and make your purchase based on that.

Do your research and don’t make a needless and expense bandwagon buy. 

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