Getting active starts with compassion for others

Sebastian Miguel

Mesa Legend

Sebastian MiguelHardship and loss are around us daily. People face heart ache, grief, hunger, bullying, discrimination, rejection, depression, homelessness, and it is rare that we go days without hearing or seeing trouble.
What happens often when we view a tragedy, whether it be in the news, a social media post, magazine, or even in person, is we tend to overlook the seriousness of the situation.  We think, “Well, as long as it hasn’t happened to me”, then we can go about our own business, clock in to work, finish our assignments, go home, rest, and start the day all over with no regard for those in need.

There’s nothing wrong with doing our daily routines but if we know what lies out there and when we have a hand to lend then what disservice do we commit when we don’t do anything?
Being passive towards a need can be just as wrong, to a certain degree, as committing the deed.
Not being active still contributes to the trouble that goes on in our world.
What change is there when the people do nothing?

What vision do we have for our community? Where there is no vision the people perish.
If we want to be active and do something in our community we don’t have to experience the same loss or tragedy in order to find the will power to stand up and finally say “that’s enough.”
We should share the sense of loss and hardship being felt by others around us.
A big factor that can cause us to move and do something for our community would be to have understanding and place ourselves in the shoes of those in need. How often do we sit and think for a moment that the person in trouble is a living human being who needs a hand to reach out and pull them from the muck and mire that life has swallowed them up into.

The real reason behind why we don’t do anything isn’t because the resources are not available to us nor is it that we don’t know how to lend a hand, but it’s that we just don’t care.
We’d rather not get ourselves involved because this could mean the end of a comfortable living.
What good do we serve society if we put our need for comfort over the needs of others who may be in uncomfortable positions.
The lack of compassion towards others is revealed on the outside because there is nothing stirring on the inside.
It’s understandable why anyone would avoid confrontation but when we leave a problem unchecked it may eventually come around to disrupt our own lives or even our loved ones.

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