Glasper awarded control of A&M efficiency report

Joseph Starkloff

A unanimous vote awarded Chancellor Rufus Glasper control of implementing the “21st Century Maricopa” report conducted by the Alvarez and Marsal firm. The report consists of cost saving proposals that estimate between $29.9 million and $48.2 million.
The Jan. 26 governing board meeting was led by Glasper’s 34-page presentation that demonstrated how he intended to carry out the report.
He acknowledged that its implementation would occur at some cost, but did not provide an estimate during the meeting.
“The plan will not jeopardize the financial condition and stability of the district,” Glasper said.
He also indicated that the execution has an anticipated timeline of close to two years.
“This is a massive endeavor that we believe will take our institution to the next to the next level,” Glasper stated during the meeting.
The end of his report was met with members of the governing board expressing their gratitude toward the chancellor and applause from the standing-room-only crowd.
This was also the first meeting since Randolph Lumm was collectively voted board president. Colleen Clark, who held the position previously, still resides on the board.
Board Secretary Jerry Walker stated at the end of the meeting that while other candidates were available to implement the report, Glasper’s selection lowered its execution cost, by keeping it in-house, and will provide the board with greater control over its performance.
Debra Pearson stated she maintains her doubts about the savings listed in A&M’s report.
“Anyone with any kind of business knowledge or experience in these things look at the numbers and giggle,” said Pearson.
Pearson also expressed optimism in the board’s decision to have Glasper manage its completion, and not A&M.
“Thank heavens we as a board just gave the responsibility to Dr. Glasper to continue with thoughtful, mature, research based . implementation,” said Pearson.

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