Green Flag business development center in Mesa

MCC and the Chamber of Commerce partner up to develop business center

Angelica Miranda
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Mesa Community College (MCC) and the Mesa Chamber of Commerce partnered up to open a business development center called the Green Flag Mesa in March, located in Downtown Mesa. The newly renovated building offers space for up to 10 companies at its new facility at 165 North Centennial Way, Suite 208 for MCC students who have been approved of their business ideas are able to use the provided space for a monthly fee of $10. Mesa Chamber of Commerce approached Daniel Piercy and Richard Toler in the business department at MCC about an entrepreneurship idea that both organizations can benefit from.

The idea later turned into a partnership to create a business development center that specifically MCC students can use. “The Green Flag Center provides the opportunity to take an idea and move forward without having to have a lot of capital or personal commitment,” said Daniel Piercy, MCC’s Business & Information Systems faculty. “We can provide them with resources and knowledge and mentorship.” Students who are ready to launch a business department and a follow-up interview will be given by either Daniel Piercy and Richard Toler. Any student who looks like a good fit to use the Green Flag office space will the be reviewed by the Mesa Chamber of Commerce for final approval. Once approved, students will pay a one-time key deposit fee of $50 and a $10 monthly access fee.

Green Flag Mesa currently has three student students who are actively using the space and two students who are pending. Students are able to use the facility for up to a year and once a student is ready to launch their business, Mesa Chamber of Commerce will match them up with community partners. This will allow students to continue to develop their business and be provided with additional resources. “The tagline is, ‘where businesses begin,’” said Sally Harrison, Mesa Chamber of Commerce and CEO. “The green flag is the flag that is dropped at the beginning of a car race. It’s kind of like the beginning of things.” The partnership between MCC and the Mesa Chamber of Commerce provides the resources, knowledge, and mentorship to launch their business ideas. If spots are still open, the center will consider opening the facility up to all Maricopa County Community Colleges.

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