Happy haunts and hellscapes close to home

Jordan Largey
Mesa Legend

Summer break is coming up and we all know that we probably don’t want to spend it in the desert. But I advise you to maybe check out the top five of haunted places in Arizona. I know, horror and spooky places aren’t for everyone, but if you’re feeling up for a spook, check out these places this summer. Happy ghost hunting!

1. The Domes in Casa Grande

This collection of unusual structures is at the southern edge of Casa Grande, just south of Interstate 8 on South Thornton Road. They are tucked away in a rural neighborhood of low-income homes, a short distance after the paved road ends. It is said that these domes were used with black magic and many people were raped and killed there. With that in mind, as soon as the sun disappears, you can hear whispers in the back of the domes.  A shadowy figure can be seen running from dome to dome.
The fun begins when the sun goes down.

2. El Tovar Hotel in Grand Canyon National Park

Built in the early 1900s, it housed many people. But it is to be said that in the middle of the U shaped parking lot in front of the hotel, there is a marked grave hiding in a patch of land next to the stop sign. The grave is that of a former Harvey Girl that worked for the Fred Harvey Company. The ghost of a black-caped figure has been seen walking along the pathway leading up from the steps, just to the right of the El Tovar Hotel. They say that Fred Harvey appears on the third floor during the holidays and invites people to the annual Christmas gathering held in the hotel.

3. Jefferson Park in Mesa

An unassuming park is the scene of our next gruesome tale of horror. By day, people come to enjoy the swings and the picnic tables. But when the sun goes down, the night gives way to a different kind of visitor. It is believed that between 11:15 p.m. and midnight, there is a woman that can be seen roaming from tree to tree.  Rumor has it that she was raped and murdered at the park located on Broadway and Power Road on Jefferson Street.  Her spirit has not rested and her body has yet to be found.  So keep your eyes peeled and let’s hope she doesn’t catch you.

4. 55th Avenue and Northern in Phoenix

In the graveyard near these streets, there have been reports of people seeing the spirits of those who have died, running around the graveyard aimlessly. Also, it is said that there are spirits of teenagers running around. Some years ago, a few teenagers were playing hide and seek in the graveyard.  Some of the teens heard a scream and thought nothing of it.  The next day, one of the teenagers was missing, and later found dead near the grave of his great uncle.  Word has it that you can still see the teenagers playing hide and seek, and the one that got killed will come up to you and bother you until you leave.

5. Centennial Hall in Tuscan

Two spirits are known to haunt this theater.  One is a woman wearing a long white dress from an earlier time.  The man is thought to be a patron who died of a heart attack in the 1950s. The woman has been seen frequently in the upper balcony seats, in an area that was once a balcony but is now sealed off.  She has also been seen in the green room. She is very protective over her space and has been known to push employees down the halls and stairs.  The man seems to be the counter balance and helps anyone who has been injured by the woman.  Not all spirits are friendly and not all of them are evil.

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