Impeachment backfires, Trump wins

Through a gross demonstration of partisan politics, the United States congress voted to impeach, but not remove, President Donald J Trump. Now, empowered by his victory, Democrats have nothing left to throw at the president before his 2020 re-election campaign begins. 

Spending four years and every ounce of American respect they had in on one of the longest running political spectacles I have ever seen, Democrats and liberal media organizations have targeted Donald Trump in acts of political warfare that harken back to yellow journalism. Never before have I seen someone receive as exhaustively negative media coverage for so long. Almost all of it, in my opinion, driven by the echoing cries of faction figureheads from the left.  Remember when the left demanded Trump release his taxes? Well, the court deemed they didn’t have the power to do so. Remember Stormy Daniels? As it turns out, paying a pornograpghic actress for sex is something most Americans are willing to accept. Remember his golfing schedule? As it turns out, old people play golf. 

All I can say is I’m a little tired of turning on the news and hearing about Donald J. Trump. It’s not that I think the President hasn’t done anything wrong–his Twitter account has more than once raised my eyebrows as a reporter–but very little in his life warrants the indiscreet insanity that is his 24/7 news coverage. 

Especially not when much of the world has erupted into waves of rage and violent political protest. Iran, Egypt, Venezuela and Hong Kong are all embroiled in revolution. Feel left out? Don’t worry, much of the world makes the grade right now, including the U.S.A.. Yet you turn on the television in America and what do you see? Orange. Far too much orange.  

Then all of it comes to a boiling point months before election season begins with these White House leaks claiming quid-pro-quo with Ukraine. Figureheads like Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi become active, and then, bam, impeachment. 

Here we go again. Bring the circus back and let the advertisers in on it; Donald Trump is being impeached, and it’s going to be one hell of a show. CNN even made that cute dramatic impeachment jingle to play before their coverage. Isn’t that telling? They couldn’t even use the regular news jingle. They had to make a more dramatic one.

We all saw the trial and the Democrats voting to impeach him–not the entire House of Representatives, mind you. Just the Democrats. It was one faction of American politics attempting to oust the leader of another political faction without waiting for an election. 

It was a modern day coup. A political power struggle between the ruling branches of American politics. There wasn’t enough support or evidence for an impeachment, but the left pushed it through to the Senate. Then they stalled and demanded more time to back their rebellion. Finally, Trump was acquitted. It was exactly the type of scenario that justifies our founders creating a system of checks and balances. Donald Trump wasn’t acquitted because our system is broken, no; he was acquitted because our system works. Our branches of power are balanced enough that rogue factions and demagogues can’t dictate American politics and stoke mass hysteria to their benefit.

Trump’s acquittal was the American body’s immune response to the partisan politics sickness. A stop-gap in the frightful decline towards despotism that our Founding Fathers warned us about. 

And now the Democratic party is left in an interesting predicament. Those who testified are now being ousted by him. His base is more empowered than ever. With proof that the witch hunt against Donald Trump was a fraud, they rally in support of him. The economy is booming, and, if you know anything about American politics, you know presidents who go up for reelection while the economy is doing good always win. 

There isn’t a thing left leaning media could throw against Trump to stop him now. The American people are all out of outrage. They have watched partisan politics corrupt every instance of the political sphere. They are too damn tired to be corralled around like a child anymore. 

And it’s a shame, admittedly. There were a lot of avenues the left could’ve gone down after Donald Trump was elected. They could’ve innovated their political talking points and thrown away the cheap identity politics. They could have re-focused on the economy and promoted infrastructure spending to address climate change. They could have helped unify and heal the American people under new leadership. But they didn’t. They settled for less, and we saw them do it. 

The only way this man is going down is if the American people suddenly and unexpectedly breakout into a nationwide epidemic of amnesia which erases the four years of absurdity and embarrassment that was Donald J. Trump’s political opposition. 

In my opinion, only a miracle could ensure a Democratic candidate is elected in 2020. 

About Author

Brock Blasdell is an American student journalist from Mesa, Arizona. He was hired onto the Mesa Legend in late 2018 as an Opinions Editor, and soon became the publication’s News Editor in 2019. His writings emphasize college history, civil involvement, and personal reflection on modern American issues, while also analyzing and critiquing the role of modern media in national politics.