Legend’s View: Distractions mask the demise of a nation

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Legend’s View: Distractions mask the demise of a nation

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You know what the Roman government did when they knew the fall was coming; that there was just no way for the republic to survive?

They drowned the civilians in spectacle, entertainment and athletic events to make sure the citizenry never saw that the city was crumbling around them.

The United States of America looks to have taken a page out of the Roman history books and created some very comfortable diversions for the masses.

The dollar is worthless, we are in a state of constant war and it would appear that the private sector is becoming more and more powerful in American politics, but the Superbowl, NBA Finals and World Series have never been more spectacular.

Sports have become so important to Americans that our government found it necessary to waste millions of dollars investigating steroids in baseball, but allowed Enron to steal the livelihoods away from thousands of Americans.

More and more Americans are being forced out of their homes because of loans that banks should have never given them, but our movies and television shows are jam-packed with more sex, drugs and violence than ever.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those “ban TV violence” types of guys, but I do see that as our entrainment becomes more risqué it tends to pop up in the arena of politics for legislators to argue about the morality of the programming, instead of discussing the decaying state of our union.

Maybe America won’t fall in the same way Rome did, odds are we won’t be overrun by barbarians, but with our country in a clear state of distress, I for one refuse to spend the final days of America at the coliseum or the Circus Maximus.

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