Letter to the editor

Ryan Arneson

In response to Jeff Moses’ recent article “Business buying out our education.”  

I have heard a lot of students say that they do not believe in organized religion.  

I think that is interesting, because most of them say this as they pay their tithe every year to one of the largest organized religions in the United States, the education system.  

Meanwhile this religious institution teaches them how to think and live and some of them blindly follow because it promises to reward them with “get a good job, to get a big house and lots of stuff” and possibly a mound of debt that could enslave them all their life.

Many of these students are distracted with an onslaught of stimuli that includes things like rap videos, cable news, espn, eating food without a nutritional value, and consuming any kind of energy substance so that they can stay awake long enough to waste most of their time?   

Unfortunately, those who trust in this form of education rarely notice the brokenness until it is too late.  

I sure hope that consumerism has not become a form of education that we bow down to.


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