MCC defeats GateWay Community College in 2-0 shutout

Adella Helton
Mesa Legend


Soccer players
Photos by Tania Ritko

On Sept. 1, MCC’s men’s soccer team defeated GateWay Community College in a 2-0 shutout. Immediately after receiving an offside penalty at the 5 minute mark, MCC bounced back with an early goal against Gateway by midfielder Brian Perea.

Tensions ran high as Gateway struggled to reclaim the scoreboard. After a foul on Gateway, a second goal, scored by MCC striker Andres Elizalde and assisted by MCC midfielder Benjamin Delgadillo came swiftly afterwards before 9 minutes had passed. Thus began a series of fouls on both teams as they vied for control of the match.

After a bitter exchange of shots and subsequent saves but with no additional scoring, the two teams ended the first half of the game. Despite a valiant effort by GateWay, MCC’s defense effectively preserved their lead for the rest of the game. Soccer players

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