MCC offers students structure after summer of fun

Leslie Philip

Heading back to school can include the first day jitters, switching out the batteries of that old alarm clock, or getting back into the grind of early classes.Back to school can also mean finding the right daycare for children, acclimating to a foreign place, or just picking up a parking pass.

The first week of school can be nerve racking and thrilling.

“I’m excited to be back to school,” said nursing student Alexis Nordvold-Young.

“For me it’s a lot different than the first time because now I want to be in school versus when I was younger I wasn’t as excited.”

Nordvold-Young is eager to be coming back to school because she feels that nursing is what she should have majored in prior to attending MCC.

Now, she is working a full time job and has made nursing her priority.

“I love school,” said Nordvold-Young.

Returning student Kristen Boothe is eager to further her education with a degree.

“I’m looking forward to getting my degree and starting a life long career, which will help me in the future when I’m ready to start a family,” Boothe said.

Michael Flemister, an exercise science major, said that “It’s just another day of school.”

Flemister is looking forward to joining a sports team next fall.

Along with the nursing program, MCC has a variety of features offered including performing arts classes, on campus computers for student usage, and financial aid for needed assistance.

Shelby Hackworth, a performing arts major, said, “Coming back to school you’re getting back into it and working toward your major.”

Hackworth recently made the MCC dance company. She is interested in taking Psychology classes.

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