MCC students voice opinion on tech advances

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MCC students voice opinion on tech advances

Cassie Fincher

Many college students work a job or two, possibly manage a family, and yet still find time to hit the books. The advances in technology can make life easier in every aspect. Medicine has advanced making a person’s defense system stronger. Cell phones make getting in contact with people easier while out and about.

“I think that technology has affected our society so much that we pretty much depend on it,” said Lauren Quhius, anthropology major.

Many math classes require calculators to assist a student in solving a problem.

Litza Amand, a math teacher, stated she does not have her classes use calculators.

“I have found that students end up using calculators as a crutch when learning math,” Amand said.

Technology has developed to assist people in their everyday lives. Simple objects in society are due to technology.

“I can’t go a day without my phone or the fridge,” said Dylan Swanson, majoring in Film Editing. “It is little things that make our lives complete.”

“It’s understandable that we are becoming so dependent because that’s all there is now,” said Shahar. “Some things we benefit from, like medicine, and eco-friendly things like hybrid cars or solar power plants.”

“As the years go on, technology will change and people will adapt to all the new gadgets and gizmos that come out,” said Swanson. “Whether they are good or bad to human efficiency, we will become dependent on them.

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