NBA champions rise and fall

R. Nicholas Evans
Mesa Legend

OK students, the slow train has entered the station – the NBA regular season has come to an end, meaning half the league did not make the cut and will be forced to sit in shame and degradation while enduring the playoffs from home. The current champions, the Golden State Warriors have continued to whip and mock the league by treating the three-point line as if it’s their own personal free-throw line.  And they will break the record for most wins in a season, with 73.  Though the record won’t help any in the playoffs, as the reigning MVP Steph Curry and the rest of the Warriors will find themselves beaten and battered in the western conference finals and sent packing. The Los Angeles Clippers will have a late-season revival with the addition of the newly healthy and immature man-child Blake Griffin. But they will have no real chance in the playoffs, And they too may also be beaten and by the Spurs.

LeBron James and the Cavaliers will start to make headway before curling and croaking when they find themselves faced with any adversity.  Whether it will be the NBA Finals or in the Eastern Conference finals, it’s still unknown.  The Cavaliers will not win a NBA championship for at least 20 more seasons, And the rest of the world will not care. The attention will still be on the swan song circus retirement of Kobe Bryant. But this story won’t end happily, Kobe will conclude the worst season of his career with an embarrassing final game and end cap to his career by scoring 16 points, while shooting less than 35 percent from the field, And make no mistake about it, he will cry.  Not from being overly sentimental but because how fast his career nose-dived into regularity and despair. Look forward to the off-season students, because that’s what sports are all about.

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