Parents need to step up and take charge

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Parents need to step up and take charge

At some point we have all been out to a restaurant or the grocery store and have seen little kids who are out of control yelling and screaming or running rampant. We wonder where the heck the parents are.
Most often they are nearby but are preoccupied, busy with their friends or just plain unconcerned about what is going on with their child.

Not only for wait staff and other patrons, but for the general public as well this can be really aggravating and although it’s the child who is begging for notice, it really is these non-attentive parents who need some extra guidance.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau there were 10 million single mothers in this country under the age of 18 in 2006.

That literally means children having children.

At such a young age most people want to spend their time hanging out with their friends partying or pursuing a higher education and haven’t planned on having a family so the presence of a child in their life tends to be more of an inconvenience.

Age, however is not necessarily a precursor for good or bad parenting skills, it’s the parent’s maturity level and willingness to be a responsible teacher and guide.

If you’ve witnessed kids throwing food, getting up on their chair and screaming swear-words, or simply being out late in the evening, you should be rightfully pointing the finger at the parent(s).

More and more it seems parents aren’t realizing what it takes to raise a good well-rounded kid.

Is it that they’re too self-absorbed in what they want to be doing instead of worrying about what their children need or is it simply a lack of resources available for parents to learn about what it takes?

As Walt Disney said “Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.”

Things like discipline and manners and healthy amounts of food and sleep are crucial to the well-being of a growing child.

These are the things that will impact and help shape our future generations into becoming our doctors, our police and our nation’s leaders.

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