Polish director featured in MCC film festival

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Polish director featured in MCC film festival

Hillary Smith

The films of Krzysztof Zanussi, winner of lifetime achievement awards from the Chicago, Venice, and Yerevan (Armenia) film festivals, are being highlighted at this year’s fifth annual MCC International Film Festival. Zanussi, born in Poland, is also the screen writer and producer for most of his movies. He takes a different approach to writing and directing from today’s Blockbusters.

This is why Don Castro, MCC Film Festival director, selected Zanussi. Castro has been in charge of the festival at MCC since proposing the idea five years ago.

He chooses directors who have something more to offer the audience. Each director, he selects, takes the opportunity to share a new view point that is different than mainstream. The films are not only different compared to world view, but also the movies made in their own country.

“There are many rewarding parts to putting on the festival,” Castro said. “I enjoy being able to bring the community together and on a personal note I love the research.”

Growing up in Poland during WWII, Zanusssi said it was inappropriate to watch movies. He was 6 years old by the time he saw his first film. This experience at the theater really sparked his interest in movies. He has been directing for more than 42 years.

Although he has won multiple awards in his life, the most rewarding part is when someone comes up to him telling him a film has inspired them or the fact that they remember the film at all.

“The most exciting part about film making is to see your dreams becoming almost real,” Zanussi said.

As a compulsive traveler, Zanussi gets his inspiration through real life experience. His films are a projection of his fear about who he wants to be.

“Select the best and drop the rest. Save your eyes for experiencing real life,” Zanussi said.

Be sincere and portray genuine experience, Zanussi suggests to young film makers.

The films to be seen at the festival are based off Zanussi’s outlook of society’s morals. Three nights are remaining in the film festival, Feb. 21 thru 23 at 7 p.m. at Arizona Mills Harkins Theater.

Dan Harkins has been a huge help to the festival by allowing anyone, MCC student or not, to view these films for free. Castro suggests showing up early for a good seat. He would really like to reach out to get the interest of all MCC students. Trying something new always proves to be fun he said.

International films can give a new perspective to life said an audience member. Some of the movies are in subtitles. The characters are what help the audience understand the movie, not the subtitles Zanussi said. Zanussi will be present for every film and willing to answer any questions.

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