Party ends when students fail classes

Ishmael Brown
Mesa Legend

Illustration by Sebastian Miguel

Bradley West is an ex-ASU Engineering student  Due to poor time management and a little too much fun instead of school, he was expelled from the institution. When asked how much of an impact he thinks fun had on his grades he responded by saying “ Huge. My major at ASU was engineering. All the engineering students had to maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout the year to stay in the program. At the end of the year when I saw that my  GPA was a 2.9, I was heartbroken. I didn’t think wise enough to try to balance both fun/partying vs. school. I’m out of the engineering program and off the baseball team”. Bradley then admitted that he doesn’t regret having fun but does say that he wishes that he would’ve balanced partying and school in a more attainable measure.

Alicia Barnett is an academic advisor at Mesa Community College. When asked to give her opinion about how partying can affect school, she willingly shared a flashback of when she was a student and cheerleader at Grand Canyon University (GCU). “ My dad forced me to go,  I didn’t want to go. I didn’t have the vision of what I really wanted to do and that was a big  reason for me partying a lot and not worrying that much about grades. I believe that when  students don’t have that vision it’s easier for them to fade away into the party scene. Alicia was in competition with another female for an accounting job.  According to Alicia, the hiring managers at the company preferred her over the other applicant but the difference was within their academic standings. In college, Alicia got a C in accounting and her competitor had an “A”. As bad as the managers and other associates wanted her there, she did not posses the whole package.  “If I was a little wiser I would’ve realized that partying would still be around when I got out of school. It affected my school, career and body.” said Barnett. “I don’t regret having fun but I should’ve balanced it with more intellect”. Many students have similar stories.

According to www.intheknowzone.com more than 70 percent of the students on campus binge drink. Of those, 87 percent of students have experienced one or more problems such as physical assault, sexual harassment, and impaired sleep and time as a result of their peers drinking.  Students with GPA’s of “D’s” or “F’s” drink three times as much as those who earn “A’s”.  Partying too much is bad on your body, academics, and career.  When asked how this could be fixed, West responded by saying “You’re young and energetic, so have your fun, but realize that it is mandatory to balance. I had to learn the hard way. If you don’t balance partying vs. school, it will come back to bite you”.

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